New Reality Transmission

I was told this morning about an interesting project and event called New Reality Transmission (thanks Gabriel :-)) which is facilitated by…

…a fulltime international team of physicists and mathematicians. Our mission is to finalize an historic discovery of how gravity, electromagnetism, the nuclear forces, space and consciousness are part of the same unified field… a realm of information, where consciousness literally interacts with geometry at the quantum scale to create everything that we define as reality. Unfortunately, we are not staffed to handle incoming e-mails or contact from the public or the media at this point.

Their apparent inability to interact with the public or the media immediately raised some suspicions as I have no idea whether this is genuine or a hoax, but the main idea behind it of creating a better future for our planet through positive intention is good, so I’m all for that.

They also have a Facebook page at New Reality so I guess that is some form of contact — assuming the Facebook page really has been set up by this same group. Deary me, I am a suspicious critter, lol. Oh well, I joined that too. 🙂

They are encouraging people to participate in a worldwide meditation by joining their website on November 11 at 11:11pm (New York time) and to simply project their beliefs for 11 minutes…

On 11-11, 2010, one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species… a new reality. The very real physics that connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history.

Their website is very pretty (but slow to load) and eventually, after many aesthetically pleasing ‘Flash’ pages they go on to say that there will be 11 days in a row of group reality transmissions. So, obviously there must be more information yet to be posted on their website. They don’t give much info about why 11:11 is so important, but they do say that “it relates to the geometry of certain thought patterns within the Reality Matrix”.

Their explanation about why this meditation event can work is…

According to the most well tested theory in physics, Quantum Mechanics, your consciousness changes reality. In this theory, the phenomenon known as the collapse of the Quantum Wave Function is what brings reality into existence. This is a fancy way of saying that one’s conscious observation of small unseen waves actually causes those waves to “collapse” into matter. In other words, conscious observation materializes particles into existence.

I really believe in the idea behind this project. Being a Witch I would have to say that I believe in the ability to create change by force of will. Another way of saying this is that I believe it is possible to set up a “field of intention”, the energy of which can be used to create change. Some people call this magic. The imaginary lines between “science” and “magic” are becoming blurred. 😀

However, I do feel the timing of the event needs a rethink.

For a global project such as this and with the supposed significance of 11:11 — 11th month, 11th day, 11th hour & 11th minute — I’m disappointed that the organisers of this event have apparently used their own local time zone, which detracts from the significance of the 11:11 “window” for people outside of that narrow area. For example, Thursday Nov 11, 11:11pm New York, USA (UTC-5 hours) for me will be Friday Nov 12, 3:11pm Sydney, Australia (UTC+11 hours) and as others on their Facebook group have pointed out it will be Friday, 12 November 2010, 4:11am UTC (GMT) for people in some areas of Europe. (See World Clock Time Zone Converter to find out what time it will be in your local area.)

Why not change the timing of this event to November 11, 11:11pm GMT/UTC so the 11:11 does have some GLOBAL significance? …it’s not too late!

Or, the timing could be changed to Nov 11 at 11:11pm in ALL time zones so that it is like a rolling wave across the globe (a suggestion many other people have also made). That would enable many more people to participate, thereby increasing the potential effectiveness of this event. But, I guess that doesn’t adhere to the plan for it to be “the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history”. However, the website says there’s supposed to be 11 days in a row of these transmissions so even with a rolling wave, successive waves will be rolling over each other to a certain extent, possibly amplifying the effect over part of the 11 day period.

I guess the important thing is that as many people  as possible DO send their positive intentions out, preferably simultaneously and regardless of what time it is in whichever time zone; but it just irks me that a more “universal” 11:11 time was not selected, if as they say, it is so important.

Anyway, please remember that here in Sydney, Australia the time for this meditation will NOT be Thursday November 11th, at 11:11pm. We will need to participate on Friday November 12th at 3:11pm (Daylight Savings time).

(Edit: 11/11/2010 ~ some dates and times for different locations in Australia…)

Corresponding UTC (GMT) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 04:11:00 AM
New York (U.S.A. – New York) (Area in time zone of origin of NRT) Thursday, 11 November 2010 at 11:11:00 PM UTC-5 hours EST (Origin of NRT)
Perth (Australia – Western Australia) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 12:11:00 PM UTC+8 hours WST
Darwin (Australia – Northern Territory) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 1:41:00 PM UTC+9:30 hours CST
Brisbane (Australia – Queensland) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 2:11:00 PM UTC+10 hours EST
Adelaide (Australia – South Australia) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 2:41:00 PM UTC+10:30 hours CDT
Sydney (Australia – New South Wales) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 3:11:00 PM UTC+11 hours EDT
Canberra (Australia – Australian Capital Territory) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 3:11:00 PM UTC+11 hours EDT
Melbourne (Australia – Victoria) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 3:11:00 PM UTC+11 hours EDT
Hobart (Australia – Tasmania) Friday, 12 November 2010 at 3:11:00 PM UTC+11 hours EDT

Edit: 4/11/2010 ~ they also have a YouTube video, which shows the same info as their website…

One little thing I noticed on the YouTube page, is that “Reality Transmission” (as s/he is known there) is 25 years old …just a bit of trivia I found interesting. 🙂

Some more information has been posted on the Facebook page, but unfortunately only as comment no.31 in a very long thread that will get lost as more people add to it.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing up at and supporting this mission to help create a better future for this planet. Worldwide, more and more people are becoming aware that:

  • Earth is the mother of our existence
  • Earth as our base of life is increasingly endangered
  • We interact with mother earth through a permanent connection, not only regarding material things (food, oxygen, exploitation, environmental destruction, but also in non-material form through the exchange of qi. Information, for example, of love, harmony, respect. Also, hatred and greed do not simply dissolve, but linger and spread into the entire atmosphere and Earth.

That means:

  • We humans are able to influence these interactions positively by being grateful, harmonious, loving and respectful.

For many years Grand Master Wei Ling Yi (Sifu) has been devoting a major part of his work to re-harmonizing world wide energy-streams in order to prevent, reduce or diminish the impact of catastrophes. Thus the self regulation of the Earth will take place in a gentle way. Scientists from the US, who are working on this field too, prepared an American website for a global healing transmission for Mother Earth.

Through all people, no matter which national origin, faith or spiritual belief, can participate together in a world wide meditation for our planet. This positive transmission of information will take place as follows:

1. Meditation on the 11.11. 2010 at 11:00pm for 11 minutes (go in the quietude, let go, connect with the primal source).

2. After those 11 minutes: with one thought and a loving heart send light, love, qi energy and peace to Mother Earth.

3. Close with a mantra or a short prayer for Mother Earth; sing or recite (for example, Ma Ya Hai).

To achieve the highest possible success with the energy transmission, we ask you for the following:

  • Send this information to 11 other people; those should in turn invite another 11 people to participate.
  • Practice this meditation for 11 days in a row.

We are certain that with your participation we can affect positive change in this world!

Peace and Blessings,
New Reality Group

It seems Facebook has revoked New Reality’s publishing rights!? …possibly due to him/her posting way too many updates in one sitting which might have been considered as spam by FB?

Mention of Grand Master Wei Ling Yi (Sifu) got me curious so I decided to Google him to find out what he is a “Grand Master” of, which turns out to be Qi Gong…

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi and his Lotus Qigong

Chi Kung Grand Master Professor Wei Ling Yi is a world-renowned and recognized authority in the science of Chi Kung. He is the President of the World Qigong Head Office Association and since 1995 he has held seminar workshops and has lectured widely in Europe, America and other parts of the world.

Chi Kung or Qigong, as it is spelt using Chinese version, is an ancient system of life cultivation that focuses on using the original creative Yi Qi—the power of the universe—to promote personal good health, family harmony and world peace.  Wei Ling Yi teaches the Lotus Great System of Qigong, which is the highest form of qigong practice.

Professor Wei Ling Yi has been appointed and entrusted with many teaching positions and research projects in various universities in China including Beijing University and Qin Hua University. Through his years of experiment and research, Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi paved the way for Qigong as materia medica and as an academic subject in China.

In 1992 he started with another experiment giving teachings at many schools to improve the students` intellectual abilities. He could improve the knowledge and health condition successfully of over 90% of the students. Thus Professor Wei Ling Yi became famous in the field of education. In Germany he conducts seminar workshops on a regular basis for children branded as hyperactive or ADHD cases.

In 1993 he founded the First International Qigong University at the foot of Emei Mountain in Sichuan, China. He is well known for the education of high-level Chi Kung masters and experts in the unfolding of human potentials. Through the years, not only has he been recognized as a medical scientist, but has also attained the respect as a spiritual guardian and an enlightened Lotus Chi Kung Master.

The son of a well-known life-cultivation family, he has extraordinary capabilities that were discovered early. He subsequently received a demanding education. His most important teacher was his mother, Bai Zi, who brought him up with the basic idea, “De Wei Gong Mu”: “Virtue is the mother of the Gong”. At 16 he was named “Bai Xing Shen Yi” – miracle healer of the people.

Lotus Qigong which has been developed by him stands in the tradition of internal alchemy and makes use of the classical methods of relaxation, breathing accompanied by body movements, exercises in motion, meditation, visualisation, mantras, mudras and his transmission of Qi.

Qi – The Basis of Qigong

The Qigong tradition in China is based on the existence of a universal life-energy principle called “QI”. This energy is fundamentally necessary for the vital functions of all beings. In the human organism the cosmic Qi is received by certain receivers of the body. Qi (chi) circulates within the body in the subtle energy channels called meridians and provides energy to every organ and to every single cell.

Illnesses develop if the energy circulation is disturbed for over a certain time, if blockages emerge in the flow of Qi or if the body takes negative information and accumulates it. The healthy energy flow can be affected by certain toxic, destructive substances, by harmful mental “fields” as well as by mental or psychic processes.

Professor Wei Ling Yi, has developed a system of different exercises to combat various illnesses including terminal diseases. These exercises reactivate the energy course in the body and make it harmonious by dispelling and eliminating the sick Qi.

By practising Qigong regularly the reception of oxygen in the organism increases and the cellular metabolism improves. The whole central nervous system, particularly the cerebral cortex and the pituitary gland are stimulated. The electromagnetic field surrounding the human body becomes stronger and more harmonious while a substantial stimulation of the immune system has been observed.

A qualified Qigong teacher can bundle the cosmic Qi and can transmit it within seconds over huge distances (Remote-Healing). This energy called “Wai Qi” contains high information, has harmonious effects for the organism and helps to purify the sick Qi.

For instance, by continuous, diligent and a longer duration of the practice of Yi Qi Kang Ai Gong devised by Professor Wei Ling Yi for persons suffering from cancer, the activity of the cerebral cortex and the pituitary gland rises while the oxygen content and the nourishment of the cells improve.

The mental and physical equilibrium will be balanced. Meridians and blood vessels relax and are more permeable. The quality of qi and blood improves. The immune system is stimulated and increases the activity of the anti-cancer specific defence cells. If the practitioner manages through his practice to reach a high Qi-level, cancer cells can be destroyed.

This Yi Qi complimentary method in the treatment of cancer has been devised to function in tandem with Western medicine, surgery, chemotherapy and other methods.

As can be seen from the above, Qigong, with over 5000 years of observation and rich treasures of knowledge, is taking its responsibility to share it with the western scientific community.

The basic idea is to incorporate the experiences of the East and the West through science and culture, and with the resulting assimilation to promote a more humane civilization in harmony with the natural environment.

Promoting the practice of Qigong among western scientific community is particularly important for the future because if scientists practise Qigong, it will enhance their abilities to reach new dimensions of knowledge still unknown today. This rests on the fact that the human brain stores cosmic energy and information.

The Lotus as Symbol

Lotus is symbolic of the universe and the great Dao. In the lotus culture, the lotus encompasses a wide meaning. It is more than a plant, more than a symbol of morality, it is an entire Fu Hao (yantric sign) that contains a myriad phenomena.

It is symbolic of the entire universe. The myriad things are within its representation. Every petal of the lotus represents a thousand great worlds. The entire lotus represents three thousands of these great thousand worlds thus encompassing all things of this universe.

This world is an embodiment of Tian (Heaven), Di (Earth) and Ren (Man). In its entirety and singularly, they all correlate completely. Hence they possess all the original characteristics and qualities of the lotus being transmuted from it. A lotus stores the secret codes to the entire information system of the universe.

The lotus expresses the principle governing the elevation, descent, opening and closing mechanism of Qi in the human body. The lotus growing out of the water surface represents the rising mechanism of Qi. The falling of its seeds into the water and mud represents the descending mechanism. The growing root and blooming flower represents the opening of Qi and the stage where it bears seeds means the closing of the Qi. The whole cycle of the lotus sprouting from seed, growing roots, blooming flower, bearing fruit (seeds) is a movement of life. It allegorizes that principle governing the rise, fall, opening and closing of human body`s Qi mechanism.

The Earth – Our home planet

A Mother Earth Event is held in September in Berlin on a yearly basis as we need to enhance the quality of our global environment for the benefit of all its inhabitants.  For this to be achieved we need to promote a better understanding of the effects our society has on the long term health of our planet.

The Mother Earth Festival activities convey a message to the earth spirit that a number of its children are genuinely concerned about its state and are willing to help to reverse the environmental deterioration and to raise the level of awareness among the people for the future of our planet.

The Street Parade in honour of our Mother Earth is usually a kaleidoscope of multi- ethnic talents and the different styles of music and dancers attract a number of people along the route it pursues down the sunny Berlin streets on a Saturday morning.

(Text from, image from

Edit: 11/11/2010 ~ Ha ha! 😀 …I just noticed that the description of the group on their Facebook page has changed. They’re no longer “a fulltime international team of physicists and mathematicians…. etc” (which is still on their main website), but are now perhaps more honest in describing themselves…

The New Reality Group is merely a group of friends who are physicists and mathematicians that believe our very own consciousness defines our reality. But it’s not important who we are – just think of us as the people trying to organize a group effort for change and we’re happy to have your participation. Change your thoughts, change your world!

Hmm… I wonder if as many people would have signed up in the first place without the sense of  “credibility” given to this project by associating it with “scientists”?

Edit: 12/11/10 ~ 2:00pm AEDT : a final update with 1 hour 11 minutes to go… 😀


38 thoughts on “New Reality Transmission

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I am very into this collective positive intention sort of thing. Have you heard of The Intention Experiment? It is similar and very well organized. The studies are designed by researchers from University of Arizona, Princeton, Cambridge Univ., and several schools in Europe and Russia. I have participated in several of the studies from my living room. I have no words for how that felt. Here is their link:
    I registered my blog through the community too.


    1. Thanks – yes, now I do remember seeing The Intention Experiment via a link on your blog some time ago, but I’d forgotten about it since then. I’ve gone back and had another look – it certainly does look interesting …another book to add to my collection too, lol. What I find rather ironic is that the page called “How to Intend” could easily be renamed, “How to Cast a Spell” …it’s really all the same, although “intending” sounds much more scientific and socially acceptable to more people perhaps than “casting a spell”. 😀 …doesn’t really matter what it’s called, that fact is that it works! 😉


  2. Who are these people? For all I know it could be a bunch of high school students having fun wasting 11 days of our precious time! There are a bunch of pretty pictures and pie in the sky description, BUT nothing concrete and no disclosure of who is behind the idea (no names given). Why the lack of information and why the lack of transparency?
    I’m Out.


    1. Hi Rena …I have exactly the same questions, and as I said in my blog, I have no idea whether or not this is a hoax. But, what does it matter who is behind it? The idea is to get 1 million people (or more) meditating and projecting an intention for a better future for Earth and her inhabitants, so that in itself is a good thing, regardless of whether it truly is run by a group of scientists or it turns out to be from a bunch of high school students (or more likely, university students).

      The lack of “science” on their website doesn’t really matter as there are other sources of information and research about the power of the mind. Another blogger who has commented here has compiled a convenient list of many such mind/prayer/meditation/intention experiments and related websites on her blog at

      So, I’m opting in because I see it as a good thing, regardless of who is behind it …and it’s not going to hurt anyone to take some time out of their busy schedule to stop, relax and just think some nice positive thoughts for 11 minutes each day for 11 days. I think such time out to de-stress and focus on something positive is a good use of our precious time. 🙂


      1. Who benefits outside of the admirable purpose? Nameless organization gets the names and contact information for a million people. Information is money. Why do you need to register to participate again? Oh, you don’t? Hooray!


      2. It does matter, for if there is deception from the onset especially by the hosts, it is very harmful to the earth and the environment and the collective consciousness.


        1. It actually seem to be a bunch of ex-students from California , here we go:

          The sign-up link on the website goes to:

 is the website of a jamband in California.

          Looking a bit closer, you can find a myspace page:
 (which is not the one linked to at the band website, but the same people still), in which the top-friends seem to be the members of the band and their friends.

          One of them, Garrett Sadler,, is now 26 and a bachelor in Mathematics and Antropolgy from:
          University Of California-Irvine
          Irvine, CA
          Graduated: 2008
          Student status: Alumni
          Degree: Bachelor’s Degree
          Major: Mathematics & Anthropology
          Clubs: LARC

          The age matches the age mentioned on the YouTube page, and the information on his website.

          On the other hand the owner of the web domain is:
          Joe Cuervo, could it be this version of that kind of Joe:, maybe not. Who knows who Joe is?

          But it looks likely that the originators of this thing are to be found, not in China or Nepal or amongst Ph.D. or Nobel prize winners in Mathematics and Quantum Mechanics nor masters of deep meditation and mysticism, but in sunny California amongst the dudes jamming happily in the band, smoking a bit too much maybe. Then who can tell, maybe this is just a cover up, by a secret branch of the FBI (da da du di daaa …).

          Yet another dude


        2. Good detective work! 😀 …I’d never heard of D.U.G. or dugjam so when I first saw where the signup page went to I just assumed it was another freebie site for building website stuff, like which they’re using to host their main website …and I never looked any further. The plot thickens, mwa ha ha ha ha …but I still think everybody meditating and sending love, light and warm fuzzy feelings together can’t hurt. 😉


        3. I am the Garrett Sadler mentioned in the comment left by “Yet another dude”. For the record, I am not associated with New Reality Transmission. It appears that this project’s enrollment form is hosted on my old band’s website. At any rate, I am not one of the organizers of this event.


  3. I now find it very very deceptive that these people identified themselves simply as a group of mathemeticians and physicists. Now after they have our sign up info, they disclose they are followers of a grand master with a grand agenda. This type of deceptive practice is part of the age old problem on this earth. It is not a part of a solution no matter how sweet the words thay may use. Deception by not fully disclosing truthful identification at the onset is ant-evolutionary and somewhat shameful. I sent them an email, if I don’t get a satisfactory honest response in a couple of days I am going to contact all my people and ask them to contact all theirs and start a major “unsigning” project. No matter what the cause, deception like this is sneaky and shameful and must not be given our trust.


  4. Valid question: “Who are these people?” If it’s a group like CERN, then I would think there would be a continuity in the poetry of the number and it’d roll around the planet like a wave from one time zone to the next so every positive intention was linked by the 11/11/10 11 PM, and why wasn’t it 10/10/10 10 PM so we could get to sleep at a reasonable time? Why not beam our good intentions 24/7 – which a good number of people are already doing.

    My intuition tells me that this is much like the chain emails passed to me from people that tell me I’ll have good luck if I send it along to 10 other people immediately, when in reality someone is building a data base for unknown reasons and use.

    If this chain mail can link 1 million in a new consciousness based in a reality of peace and not war as a way to live this is wonderful. Those already beaming this from the core of their essence 24/7 will be greatly magnified without going online to sign up.

    It will be interesting to see who is actually behind this in the Eastern time zone of the United States.

    All ways/Always…
    Be Love


  5. Hi – wow, this is very cool that you have a write-up on us! My name is Stephanie and I work with the group that is organizing the transmission. We can’t believe the buzz that’s been created around the event, even though our intention from the start is to get a million people from around the world meditating at one time on positivity to affect global change. Yes it is true that the core group who had this idea for a global mediation is a group of physicist and mathematicians, and we are actually friends with several different groups that support this global meditation and have associated themselves with it – including Chi Gong groups, spiritual centers, authors, etc… but really, it’s not important who we are or who the people are endorsing it. What is important is if you believe that sending your positive thoughts / intentions / feelings out into the universe can do something good for the planet and our species, then join us. You DO NOT have to sign-up online. The reason for the sign up is so we can communicate info as we have it and so we can get a head count… how else do we know how many people we have participating? Many are afraid we are selling the info or are a marketing company. Sorry, we’re not in it for that – I guess people can’t help themselves from always thinking there’s a scam involved in something. We just want to get as many people as possible meditating at one time and see what sort of change we can create. Anyhow, thanks for your support and feel free to email me!! We’ll also do the same global meditation on 01/01/11, 01/11/11, and 11/11/11 – hope you all can join.



    1. Hi Steph — thanks for commenting here! 🙂 I’m amazed at how many hits my blog about this has had by people searching for “new reality transmission” or slight variations of those words. WordPress certainly does rate well in Google searches! Perhaps you should consider setting up a blog in addition to your main website and the Facebook page, to help get the word out about the next meditations and also publish updates.

      Yes, I agree that the important thing here is that people DO join in the meditation, regardless of any suspicions about who is or is not behind it and whether they sign up or not. It would be good to have an accurate head count but that can probably never be possible for something as big as this. Plus some people, like me, might be “double counted” by being on your Facebook page as well as your email list. In any case, the more the better! We are responsible for creating our own future so lets make it a good one! 😀


    2. And then what … all the world’s social, political, economic and spiritual institutions won’t just change or disappear overnight or else where would your food, transport, communication, social services etc come from? Sounds like a displacement activity to me.


  6. G’day Jenwytch,

    Just stumbled upon your blog while searching Aussie pagan blogs. Yours is by far the most interesting I’ve found thus far. It’s a shame but the Australian pagan community – at least on-line – seems pretty small.

    Anyway, awesome blog, I shall return to read your future posts.



  7. Here’s another point of view worth considering about the New Reality Transmission 11:11:10 meditation that was channeled from Saint Germain:

    November 5, 2010

    “Being a God means: being like God. God gives love to all, no matter what they are thinking. God delivers many gifts daily to those who are able to accept them. Man’s contractions are the rejecting mechanism of these gifts. Co-creating with God contains all happy feelings, because the body is not doing what it doesn’t want to do.

    Acting the way God acts has nothing to do with your thoughts. Magic, attracting money, wanting things to be different than they are, and control of any kind, are not a positive contribution to mass consciousness. Making a demonstration of “how my dream can be created” has no value what-so-ever. It only shows that the Lucifer approach to awareness has been created again. Remember this tale? Lucifer determined he was more powerful than God. He decided to make himself the Supreme being of all the World, causing his own downfall. Making a demonstration of the mind’s ability to deliver a new reality, that does not consider divine will, has the same implications. Can you see the commonality?

    All of the things being experienced now are opportunities to become God-like, by being non-reactive to them. A divine response is to be the love you are looking for, not giving God a different act to deal with. Mistrust the deliverers of this tragic game. The consequence can abort the ascension.

    Are you going to deliver your mind’s new reality picture to mass consciousness? Or, be a God that demonstrates love in every reality. Consider the demonstration being promoted to be a negative delivery of man’s ability to create. Nothing that the divine love in the heart of hearts can command, can deliver the combination of dreams concocted for an experiment.

    Be the divine anchor of light instead. Meditate, ask for divine teachings, ask for divine healing. Give assistance to those who need it, play, dance, chant, do Tai Chi. Give the world the light. Don’t give a mental dream to this drama unless you are willing to reap the consequences, like Lucifer did. Being like God is not demanding control of the world over God’s creation. Make no mistake, this choice has many implications that the children of God are not aware of. Remember the Golden calf? This experiment is your Golden calf.”

    November 7, 2010
    “My last message details how one of the most major concepts AGAINST God’s ascension design can alter things completely. When man decides that his concept of how things must be, is more accurate than God’s, all of the Masters and Angels are subject to man’s choice. Changing all as man decides could destroy the entire game. All the differences between man’s game, and the dream of the divine concept, can act as a noose around man’s neck, as far as advancement in consciousness is concerned. Back to cave man days!

    All is God. God’s plan has the most advantages to the entire learning of all concerned. Man’s desires are many, and the mass that desires ascension is minor. So they don’t make this needed contribution to the most dramatic operation of change that has ever been designed. Man wants change without the lessons involved in causing it. Man’s design can occur, but with great cost to the children of God. All who are contributors to that drama do not get to graduate! No mass ascension can occur, there will be no dramatic answer to those not ascending, and those unable to accept the new consciousness can deliver many dramas (as man’s greatest nemesis) as the next act of a new, demanding consciousness; where I AM has been discarded in the details.

    Operation Terra was the original plan. Ashtar and the Great White Brotherhood are all included. None of these details were not accurate as they were delivered, time and dates aside. They call the mind to all the details the original plan needs from you.

    Give up this absurd manifestation plan which is a detour from God’s design. God’s design cancels nothing that is needed. Man’s design cancels many of the needed disasters that have the ability to deliver many to ascension. Play that game and create a new reality – one in which everyone loses.

    Masters and Angels do not live in the realm of going against God. Should this concept demonstrate new changes that are against God’s design, my ability to assist you will disappear. All will deny their own guidance, and man can be part of another drama that God abandons. Please go away from this manifestation delivery game.”

    This message is from Compte de Saint Germain’s blog and permission is granted for it to be shared in its entirety.


  8. Well Jen – I certainly didn’t expect that you’d publish that link on your blog, good on you though I’m pleased that many people have been informed and it seems that some are disturbed by thought of a changing paradigm or world view.

    One of the physicists involved in these type of intention experiments on the quantum level is called Dr Bruce Lipton.

    You may also like to look up CPAK which is an annual gathering and expo of leaders in Science and Archeology where information regarding such experiments is discussed and shared with the general public.

    The intention experiment is another ongoing global link-up and I believe there will be yet another on the 1/01/11.

    Blessings you clever witch


    1. Hehe 😉 …I’ve published many different things on my blog, and this seemed to fit in with the “theme” of my varied inane ramblings, lol. It’s certainly generated an interesting and varied collection of comments here.

      Thanks for the suggestion of more reading. I’ve already got a link to the Intention Experiment and Bruce Lipton’s websites here in my list of links (right column, section 8 ) but I’ll certainly go and look up CPAK …and anything else that turns up, and add them too …sooooo much reading to do and so few hours in the day …but it’s fun! 🙂


    2. Just to keep the record straight:
      Dr Bruce Lipton is a biologist, not a physicist.

      Curriculum Vita of Bruce H. Lipton
      Date and Place of Birth: October 21, 1944 in Mt. Kisco, New York

      Formal Education
      1962-1966 B.A., Biology major, C.W. Post College of Long Island University, Brookville, NY
      1966-1971 Ph.D. in Developmental Cell Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. Thesis Title: Myogenesis in Cell Culture: An ultrastructural study. Mentor: Dr. I.R. Konigsberg.


      1. Thanks for the reply to Gabriel’s comment. BTW, I made a small correction to the link you gave so it works now (no ‘e’ on the end).
        Maybe some confusion arose because Dr. Lipton’s work has inolved the principles of quantum physics in relation to biological systems(?) 😀 …always good to have the record set straight.


  9. Guys please c’mon…………

    You question it and want to know if it is a hoax – well…. As a person who has meditated for years I can tell you for my own part – the effect of meditation is not a hoax – and that is what matters – not if you can get in touch with the guys “behind” on the personal level – I guess it’s like they’re saying – they have not resources to interact in this level – and if really they succed to get 1 million people into action, then that’s alot of people who they could spend their time at answering back to – instead I think they spend the time on spreading the word by the resources they have at hand – and surely focusing on the most important thing – changing our planet – this through meditation…. I’m not trying to get you to believe anything – but may I ask you to finding the answers yourself – dig into it by any means you have at hand – that is surely without just believeing in anything – and they don’t ask you to do this, but on the other hand if one are only sceptical I guess that’s how you color the view of you’re world – ask yourself what is reality – is love reality – is love just chemical reactions in our nervous system like some scientists have told the world for years – what if this is not true – do you dare ask this question and find out for yourself?? Now we have these scientists telling it might not be so – so in every sense there’s all the reasons why you should ask questions – but dare yourself to ask the right ones – those which really can rock you’re world and make you wonder, scepticism alone don’t get you anywhere – you must want to know what reality is to know what it is 😉 😉 😉


  10. Ps:
    Regarding the time stuff – I think the most important thing is that you try to do this meditation daily for the next now 8 days don’t let things like time and timezones be a hindrance – but ofcause if you can, it’s good doing it the same time, but if not – I strongly believe it still works (it seems so to me)…… Also please not that the organizers have posted on their website, that if you can’t do it at 11:11 pm EST then you can do it at 11:11 for your own time zone – maybe they changed this after this blog post, but still that’s what front page says… Tells me this: It’s _better_ meditating daily at _whatever clock_ – than missing you’re local 11:11 time and also missing 11:11 pm EST – but afcause if you can do both meditating and around 11:11 that’s top dollar 😉 My point is just don’t excuse yourself in anyways that you don’t meditate 😉 (if again you want to – also important not forcing yourself, but on the other hand don’t be lazy either) 😉


  11. Mostly for Jenwytch (couldn’t find any contact info for you – so here’s a general comment):
    But maybe others might find it helpful – if you really really really – and I think of this, since my girlfriend also have been about some Pagan stuff and have gotten much out of getting even deeper if I so can say (not in the term of being better or anything) – but I will suggest then (even though the reading is quite “heavy”) that you have a look at the publishings of Alice A. Bailey, in general Theosophy and also – which I think is the newest a most “up to date” regarding what we witness here with this “wave of meditations” world over – that you could have a look at Lucille Cedercrans and her publishings ( – some and I’m sorry to say this (but also at the same time recognise the reality of this) but some fanatics who can only read Bailey claim that it’s not worth reading Cedercrans and even Theosophy – but as far as what I’m concerned “behind” (yes yet again something with someone “behind” – but don’t let it blind you, see if the writings says something to you’re intuition – which I’m quite positive it will) – but “behind” is the same source for all this… That’s Cedercrans, Theosophy and Bailey is with the same source beind – and I would say also the same source behind all these positive movements which we se today which wants new changes in the world…. In general (not so much to Jenwytch) if you find this a weird comment, just forget about it (and see for yourself what meditation is) but for others who also happen to want to know more, here was my hint to you… Lastly to Jenwytch if you want, you might want to get in touch with my girlfriend who also knows alot about Paganism as mentioned and who can explain alot more about this (she also has a blog, but I will let herself post what she want – I’ve mailed her the link to this blog)


    1. Hi René,
      Thanks for your comments. Apart from “The Great Invocation” I haven’t read any of Alice A. Bailey’s works or much about Theosophy either. The little I have read was “heavy” going as you put it 🙂 but it is definitely of interest and something I may try reading more about some time. I’ve never heard of Lucille Cedercrans so it looks like I’ve got a lot of reading to do. 😀


  12. I like the piece, you packed in lots of interesting stuff.

    Honest though the intentions of this group might be, their portrayal of Quantum mechanics is wild at best, at worst, pants hanging down BS.

    I’m a mere interested layman who reads books by real physicists in the quantum field (remember that a scientist can have a life long career in Physics and still be an complete amateur when it comes to quantum mechanics) and even I know that the “consciousness causes wave form collapse” is a very outdated idea indeed, nothing to do with current discoveries.

    The leading edge of the field is in string theory, which does away with the wave form collapse model entirely, but the other key areas of study, such as decoherence and the many worlds hypothesis, also do not depend on it.

    For this group to claim that the best guess of quantum physics is that thought can change the substance of the world in some meaningful way is laughable.

    In the early part of the 20th century, Einstein labelled the proponents of this idea as “mystics”, a title that they accepted, calling themselves the “lucid mystics” – how many people have heard of them?
    Not many, I would guess. That’s because their ideas failed to connect with the increasing body of evidence about quantum behaviour.

    Intention or daydreams may indeed change external reality & spells may also be effective, but the current state of knowledge of the quantum world does not support this.

    P.S. I have nothing against daydreams – go for it.


    1. Thanks for commenting …scientific or not, it can’t hurt to dream. 😀
      I hadn’t heard of the term “lucid mystics” so I Googled (as I often do ;-)) and found an interesting collection of essays on a blog called Saunterings …the main 2 of interest were “Lucid Mysticism” and “Physics and Mysticism”.


  13. is the 88,258th most visited site on the internet. The website’s IP address is, and there are 69 other websites hosted at the same IP address. gets about 12,399 pageviews per day, and earns an estimated $37.20 daily. The server location of is Provo, UT, United States (US ).


    1. I’m not sure of the significance of this info but thanks anyway. 🙂

      Provo, Utah is populated predominantly by Mormons (LDS) …is this relevant to anything here?

      I just went to and found the index page can no longer be accessed (“403 Forbidden” plus “404 Not Found” errors instead). The Google cache of the page still shows it as the website for the band “Deep Under Groove” …I remember when I originally looked at their website the news section hadn’t been updated for a couple of years. Perhaps whoever set up the NRT sign-up page just thought it was convenient to make use of a website they already had?

      Doesn’t really matter who is behind the NRT — the idea behind it is still good, no matter what religion they may or may not be a part of. 😀


  14. Hi!
    Well, the more people sign up, the more money they earn with their information… I got really angry, because I think that the idea to meditate for a better world is great and I got really enthusiastic. In the end, it´s just about making money and using the people´s faith and goodwill.
    But maybe someone else could start a project like this without earning money on a website. I just got a bad feeling about it.

    Best regards,
    E E


    1. I see your point now …that aspect hadn’t occurred to me. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I’d still like to hope that money is not the major driving force behind it. But if it is, well, “what goes around comes around” so maybe their deception will eventually backfire on them and they’ll lose more than just their credibility; unless of course they’re not personally pocketing the money but instead putting it to a more altruistic use such as giving it to charity (wishful thinking again, hehe).



  15. Hello and G’day. This is my concern. Unless the intention only affects those who participate in it, then who are we to impose our will upon the rest of the planet? Not to mention how this might effect other peoples karmic debt, if you believe in that. The planet still has things to work out, and it should be done at it’s own pace. Ascension is going to happen no matter what we do. Those who have done their shadow work, and have learned to love and accept themselves and others – Lost the need to control and be controlled and the need to be fearful will move on to the 5th dimension, those who don’t will stay in the 3rd dimension world view. People in the 5th will not be affected by those still stuck in the 3rd. Their vibration simply will not affect us, and vise-versa. I think change comes in the way we choose to meet life and people on a daily basis. It’s simple”Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” If someone is an asshole to you. Their merely trying to teach you something- maybe something for your ascension. Do not take it personally -in the 3-D way. Also, a smile goes a long way, and yes, do think positive thoughts as much a possible. Everything we do sends a ripple out into the universe. Make it a good one. PeAcE!!


  16. Hi! I’d like to set the record straight. New Reality Transmission is an organization of people who live in Los Angeles and elsewhere who are trying to connect science and spirituality. I know the founder and for that reason I introduced him with my spiritual master of seven years, Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi. Every year, he encourages people to practice meditation during what is known as the “Lotus Festival” on 11/11. He has a website explaining is method:

    It still has some problems but is still a decent explanation of his system known as “The Great Lotus System” or Yi Qi Da Dao. His method is simply a way of healing yourself from pain and disease and evolving spiritually. He was exhiled from China and now lives in Berlin with a huge community of students. If you are in Europe I really encourage anyone to go and visit. There are ongoing classes and events at the center there. He visits a small group of practioners (myself included) in Los Angeles from time to time. If you live in the LA area he will be here giving lecture and instruction on this simple and beautiful meditation technique from Aug 9th-19th. We are still looking for a good location, so please email me at for more details if you are interested.

    I am a real person, I am 26 years old and first met Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi at age 17. I struggled for many years with ADD and other attention issues which prevented me from being able to focus in school. After learning and practicing his method for only a short time, my life totally changed. I am now pursuing my masters degree at USC. I have heard much more miraculous stories of healing than my own.

    I don’t think Master Wei’s views are totally in line with everything New Reality Transmission has written. Master Wei is a holy being that embraces all religion and spirituality without exception. His teachings are 2,000 years old and their only aim is to increase health and vital energy. They are open to everyone and are totally non-religious. He also teaches that it is important to practice and have your own experiences so that you can have results.


    Master Wei transmits energy from 9-9:11 and from 11-11:11 everyday. It is of no importance what time zone you are in, it is the numerical imprint that carries the transmission. 11 minutes is the minimum amount of time for sitting on your lotus, feel free to increase the time longer and longer when you are comfortable.

    -During this time, imagine that you are a brilliant golden child seated on a beautiful lotus.
    -Ask a question or set an intention once and the let it go.
    -Rest in the quietude of existence. Allow thoughts to come and go, but don’t hold onto any one thought.
    -Allow experiences, cosmic lights, fragrances or colors to arise. These are medicinal and are especially for you.
    -Any sensation is like lotuses touching you, entering your body and all your meridians and capillaries.
    -Think “I am lotus. Lotus I am.”
    -When you are ready to finish, bring your hands to eye level with you palms facing you and collect all these experiences and medicine that you have generated down to the point that is three fingers below your belly button. This is called your lower Dan-tien. It is a storage point of energy for the body that we are nourishing with this practice. Repeat three times.
    -Imagine that your lotus is closing into a bud that is stored in your dan-tien. You are never separate from your lotus.
    -Rub your hands together until they are hot and use this new good qi to rub, tap or massage your body, any places that have pain or problems.
    -Give thanks to the mother earth and to your little golden child for being so diligent.

    Thats All!

    Happy practicing and please feel free ton report any interesting experiences to my email (above) or here and I will relay them to Master Wei, he delights in hearing them. Also, feel free to contact me with questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability (I am still only a student as well).

    Sending you all love and lotus lights…

    Raquel or Yeshe Tso


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