Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day here in Australia …a quiet, relatively “normal” Sunday for my family. My dear boys presented me with my pressies earlier today …assorted boxes of chocolates (which I LOVE, being a chocoholic of sorts, lol) and a lovely card. Just before they gave them to me the younger three were all giggling about what was written on the card (eldest was typically still asleep at the ‘early’ hour 11:30am and didn’t appear until later in the day). Eldest son ‘A’ had “addressed” the envelope, written the main message inside the card, signed on behalf of 3rd son who was away overnight when the card was signed and he also signed on behalf of our dog, my “baby boy”. I felt I must share, I liked it so much!

On the envelope: “To the designated maternal figure…”

Inside the card: (After all the “John Sands” expressions of love and appreciation for Mum.) “From your socially inept spawn, ‘A’, ‘J’, ‘T’ (in-spirit), ‘B’ and your equally challenged dog, Shelby.”

They wrote their whole names of course, I just left them out for privacy. ‘Shelby’ was written in big messy letters to make it look like ‘dog writing’. If it’s possible to have an Aspie dog, we have one! He fits in very well with the rest of our delightfully unique bunch. 😀

Gotta love A’s droll sense of humour!!


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