Autumn Equinox Meditation

Today is the Autumn equinox here in the southern hemisphere and this morning I headed off to my group’s usual monthly meditation. Unfortunately I missed the previous month’s meditation, which was on Atziluth – the world of emanation (in Kabbalah). Today’s meditation was based on Beriah – the world of creation.

I saw myself as the tone of “middle C” and watched as the sound took on the shape of a circle which was the red/pink colour of a tongue, or of internal organs and muscles. This circle was me and I was now flying through space and transforming from the pinkish circle into a streak of fluoro pink flame. I flew on and on, past the moon, the planets and the stars, leaving a hot pink trail in my wake, until I came to a void which took on the colour yellow.

There I met an archangel called Typhiel — I’d never heard of any angel, let alone an archangel, of this name before. He told me he became an archangel in 2003. Suddenly a large image of “2003” printed in black floated in front of me. It was underlined by a thin red line as it floated against the yellow background. As I looked into the yellow void I realised there were many mathematical formulae floating around, all printed in black, with a white box beside each one where the answer was to be written. The answer boxes were outlined by a thin red line, and they were all empty. I couldn’t read what the floating formulae and equations said so I was unable to even attempt to work out the answers. I felt they were the keys to creative potential of some kind.

We were guided to see a triangle in the void. I immediately pictured a tunnel made of many triangles, stretching off into the distance, but had to modify this to only six triangles, as that was the next instruction in the guided part of the meditation. I did as instructed and entered the short tunnel of triangles, which opened into a yellow room. The inside of the room looked exactly the same as my yellow void I had reached earlier, independently of any guidance. The equations were all still floating around with their empty white answer boxes outlined in red. The name Typhiel was now printed in black letters and floating in the top right corner of my field of view, and the 2003 was in the bottom left. I was still having trouble making any sense of all this after we were left in silence  to pursue our own line of thought once more.

Soon we were called back from our meditative state, to reenter and become aware of our physical bodies once more. As usual many people in the group had similar experiences in the non-guided part of the meditation. Others also had the colour pink feature strongly, even though this was never mentioned in the guided part of our journey. One person saw a pulsing pink heart — a similar train of thought to my “muscle-coloured” circle. Lots of interesting synchronicities came up as people in turn discussed their experiences.

I realised that seeing myself as the musical tone of “middle C” in the meditation tied in with the equinox, as middle C could be seen as the point of balance between the base clef and the treble clef. It is neither one nor the other, yet at the same time it is both, while also being an independent entity. I guess that also describes how I feel about myself in a lot of situations too. 🙂 I also see “middle C” representing the middle world, between the upper and lower worlds, with a foot in both so to speak — another idea recently meditated upon.

I really didn’t know anything about the four worlds of Kabbalah but after briefly reading about them (see info below) I was blown away by the synchronicity of my “vision” of equations and formulae. They all tie in  with the world of science — the laws of physics and nature etc all expressed in mathematical form. Their appearance sort of makes more sense now …I think, LOL.

As for the name “Typhiel” …I Googled and couldn’t find anything. I even tried different spellings (even though this spelling was very clear in my meditation) but found nothing. There’s lots of angel names ending in “iel” and “ael” but nothing that comes close to the name in my meditation.

The only connection I can make with 2003 is that it was the year I realised all my various beliefs and interests fitted nicely under the term “witchcraft” and I decided to find out more about it …and the rest is history as they say. 😉

The Four Worlds of Kabbalah

In Qabalah it is taught that there are four worlds or realms / levels of existence. As with the Tree of Life the four worlds emanate from one another in a series, from the highest and most divine to the lowest material level. The four worlds describe different regions of the Tree of Life, with a number of spheres, or sephira, being attributed to each world. In addition to this it is said that each of the four worlds contain a full Tree within it, and this is depicted in a diagram called ‘Jacobs Ladder’ in which four connected trees are shown, and the bottom sphere of one tree is the highest sphere of the next tree down and so on. In Qabalah all things are interconnected and any abstraction from this inherent unity is recognised to have limitations.

The Four Worlds are:

1. ATZILUTH – The World of Emanation

The highest of the four worlds Atziluth is known as the realm of causes. This is a world of pure spirit, unadulterated divine light. It is entirely active and giving and thus is sometimes considered to be symbolically masculine. The three highest spheres, sometimes known as the trinity – Kether, Chokmah and Binah belong to this realm. The various Divine Names of Qabalah are also associated with this world.

Soul: Chayah/ Life-soul
Self: Trans-rational
In the Body: “Crown” (i.e., no-body)
Human expression: Devekut (merging embrace of the One)
World expression: This moment in its truth; timeless
Separation: none
Element: Fire

2.BERIAH – The World of Creation

The second highest of the four worlds Beriah is known as the realm of Ideas. This is a world of pure intellect, but this should not be considered to relate to logic and rational problem solving and such like. Beriah is abstract Intellect, the realm of Plato’s Ideas, the divine archetypes from which all things are created; in Beriah is the Idea of the world, before it is actually created. Beriah is composed of the three spheres directly below the abyss: Chesed, Geburah and Tipareth. The Archangels of Qabalah are associated with this realm, and may be thought of as residing within it just as we reside within the material world.

World of science: field of matter/energy, shaped by wisdom
Soul: Neshamah/ Breath-soul
In the Body: Brain, breath
Self: Faculties of Mind (reasoning, doubting, wisdom, understanding)
Human Expression: Science, contemplation, reasoning
World Expression: Laws of physics, four basic forces, laws of nature
Separation: Hyper-rationalism, separation from heart and body, “living in the head”
Element: Air

3. YETZIRAH – The World of Formation

The second lowest of the four worlds, Yetzirah is known as the realm of formation, or the formative world. This is the realm of the Astral, of the collective unconscious and the Anima Mundi (world Soul) and such like. It is the realm where specific forms are created. Yetzirah is composed of the three spheres directly below the veil of Parekh: Netzhache, Hod and Yesod. The Angels of Qabalah reside within this world.

The energetic world of emotions, sensations, feelings
Soul: Ruach/ wind-water-soul
Self: “Soul” colloquially, Faculties of Heart (compassion, fear & desire)
In the Body: Heart center, lungs, circulation/oxygenation
Human expression: Art, poetry, awe, love
World expression: Eros, forces of love and passion, nature in the Romantic sense
Separation: Sex & Violence, hatred, craving-desire
Element: Water

4. ASSIAH – The World of Action

The lowest of the four worlds, Assiah is known as the realm of effects. It is the world of the body and the senses, and of all objects and matter. Only one sphere belongs to this realm and that is Malkuth.

The material, dualistic-seeming world of matter and energy
Soul: Nefesh, the ‘animal soul’, life-force, or anima
Self: The physical, moving, tasting, pulsing, sexual body
In the Body: The “body of the body,” especially legs and midsection
Human expression: Eating, sleeping, sports, sex, bodily functions
World expression: The material world as it appears
Separation: ‘Flatland’ materialism, alienated carnality, greed
Element: Earth



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