Another excellent edition…

Well, another month has passed and once again I’ve just completed many, many, MANY hours of work  as  SOL’s Website Manager, putting together the latest Axis Mundi – the free online newsletter for Spheres Of Light (SOL). The screen-shot below shows just a small portion of our wonderful newsletter (click on the image to go to the newsletter).

No, I didn’t actually write any articles for this one (although I have in the past) but I spent forever (as I always do) working on the arrangement, layout, formatting/html coding and making sure people’s articles looked just right (my Aspie anal-retentive perfectionist  tendencies won’t allow the newsletter to look anything other than perfect, LOL). I also spent time “Googling” for a couple of photos to illustrate articles, resizing and making improvements to other photos and creating special graphics, banners, and advertisements etc (I love PhotoShop!) as well as helping with proofreading and correcting grammar and spelling — just the usual.  (Yeah, I know this sounds like I’m bragging, but hey, it’s my blog here so I can, hee hee. 😀 ) Anyway, the result of this truly group effort was another excellent edition of the newsletter! …even if I do say so myself. 😉 A very BIG THANK YOU to everyone who contributed articles, photos, opinions  or comments, and advertisements …Axis Mundi wouldn’t exist without all you guys! And THANK YOU  also to our readers who keep coming back for more — you make it all worthwhile!

Since Axis Mundi first started in March 2008 we’ve had quite a few different contributors — some taking on a “regular” writing role and others submitting articles only occasionally. The more people we have contributing to the magazine the better it will be so if you have some pagan oriented work you’d like to have published please consider sending it to us. Below is some more info from the Axis Mundi website, about what, where and how to submit your work…

The Axis Mundi Newsletter is produced on a monthly basis and provides topical information to keep you up to date on news and developments in the Australian Pagan community. Subscribers are notified by email each month when a new edition is ready. In addition to our usual announcements on upcoming activities and events, the newsletter contains articles and information that correspond to a seasonal theme and highlight the rhythms and cycles of the natural world and our lives. Your suggestions, comments and contributions are strongly encouraged. It is through your active participation that this newsletter will grow and develop into a publication that will empower you on your journey through all realms of possibilities personal, spiritual, and magical.

Submissions to this newsletter are open to all pagans and pagan organisations; let us showcase your work or advertise your events (either help to sponsor our newsletter by paying for an ad – details here – or take advantage of our free event listing called “Pagan & Community Events”. Submit your articles, poetry, book reviews, essays and opinions, hints and tips, information pieces and artwork. All contributors whose work is included in our newsletter receive full credit, and are linked to their website if desired.

Submitting your work for consideration is easy. Just send an inquiry or the completed work to us at We give every submission careful consideration. See Axis Mundi Submissions & Publication Guide for further details and preferred format etc for articles and photos.

The newsletter is sent out on approx. 20th/21st of each month and the closing date for submissions is the 14th of each month.


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