And the winner is… !!

I happened to watch the “Good News Week” Season Finale (a comedy show on Aussie TV) last night and was pleased to see they gave their 2009 GNW Award: Religion to Danny Nalliah (see here and here for my previous blogs about Danny).  Unfortunately he couldn’t be there on the night so a member of the GNW comedy team graciously accepted it on his behalf. The trophy was a giant hand holding a  tomato sauce bottle …a reference to the rather mixed up idiom Fair shake of the sauce bottleused by Australia’s Prime Minister earlier this year.

The nominees for this category were…

  • Pope Benedict the 16th for re-instating a bishop who’s a Holocaust denier, and posing the question: “In the C20th, what contributed most to the emancipation of women?” Answer: The Washing Machine
  • The Scientologists for claiming their Church “had been subject to relentless ridicule and misinformation” and calling for religious vilification to be a prison offence.
  • Catch The Fire Ministries leader Danny Nalliah for blaming the Victorian bushfires on the state’s abortion laws and claiming that Parliament House is being cursed by baby-sacrificing witches.
  • The Islamic extremist magazine “Jihad Recollections” which among many wonderful things, contains fitness tips for terrorists.

I was so glad to see this prestigious award go to such a deserving recipient. 😀


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