Today’s the Day…

…of the “Christian prayer offensive on 17th October to pull down satanic altars to save Australia from bushfires and other disasters” or “Taking the high places for Jesus” or “spiritual warfare operation”. Yep, these are names which “Catch the Fire Ministries” use on their website/blog in reference to their planned Canberra gathering today …hmmm.  The main focus will be on the meeting at Mt Ainslie in Canberra,  but apparently there are other gatherings planned in various locations for those who can’t make it to the nation’s capital.

Why is this happening, you ask? It’s because Pastor Daniel Nalliah of the Catch the Fire Ministries got his followers all stirred up to “save” the nation and stand up to a totally fabricated “satanic” threat. Nalliah (who also blamed Victoria’s tragic bushfires on that state’s abortion laws) alleged that witches are casting spells against parliament …ho hum Danny; we have better things to do, as PAN’s first media release on the subject so eloquently states. Nalliah’s accusations are truly outrageous and unbelievable (click on link to Nalliah’s website in PAN’s first media release) and go against everything that modern Paganism is generally about.

PAN (Pagan Awareness Network) issued a second media release 2 days ago in regard to today’s gathering at Canberra…

MEDIA RELEASE – Danny Nalliah’s witch hunt is off the mark.

15th October, 2009 1100 AEDST

Pastor Danny Nalliah’s call for Christians from around Australia to gather at Mt Ainslie on October 17th, 2009 is a good old-fashioned witch-hunt.

That’s the view of the Pagan Awareness Network, an association that represents witches, Pagans, and other followers of nature-based religions in Australia.

“We’re wondering if we’ll see pitchforks and flaming torches at this event,” Pagan Awareness Network President David Garland said today.

Pastor Danny Nalliah continues to allege that a ‘witch’s coven’ is conducting blood sacrifices at Mt Ainslie in Canberra. He has called on Christians to engage in what he terms ‘spiritual warfare’, and claims that witches ‘are cursing the Federal Parliament’.

“Mr Nalliah will be held legally accountable if he incites violence or intimidation towards other religious communities,” Mr Garland said. “His attention-seeking behaviour is just crass, but his attempts to whip up a mob are cause for genuine concern – people labelled ‘witches’ used to be burnt at the stake. If Mr Nalliah wants to incite that kind of mood, he will be held responsible for the actions of his followers.”

Mr Garland poured cold water on the allegations of animal sacrifice. “Modern witchcraft is a nature-based religion, and the idea that witches condone or practice cruelty to animals is highly offensive.”

Pastor Danny Nalliah has a history of vilifying other faith communities. His last brush with notoriety saw him claim that the Black Saturday fires which devastated parts of Victoria this year were God’s judgement for Victoria’s abortion laws.

Local Canberra residents who have seen the stained concrete slab in question have a different explanation – that the stains are the result of spilled soft-drink.

So there’s no truth in the allegation that witches are laying curses on Canberra politicians? “Only around tax-time, along with every other Australian,” Mr Garland replied.

Hopefully this insanity can be put to rest peacefully and intelligently, and people will see how misguided and pathetic Danny Nalliah and those who believe all his crap really are.


Thankfully the event was a bit of a non-event with many people maintaining a sense of  humour (or maybe incredulity) aimed squarely at the Catch the Fire Ministries group. See a slideshow and a short video from The RiotACT at Canberrans Triumph in the Battle for Mt Ainslie. Some of the comments following the RiotACT blog are rather amusing — and more video links have appeared in some later comments — but somehow, after watching the videos, I find the whole thing rather disturbing and I don’t see any clear signs of a “triumph” there for anybody …rather sad and a bit embarrassing actually.

So far Catch the Fire Ministries have nothing posted on their own blog about the outcome of this event. Their Oct 18 entry is about something totally unrelated. Hmmm… perhaps they’ll post something later about the results of their “prayer offensive” …or perhaps not.

Meanwhile, here’s an article from “The Age” about yesterday’s exorcism…
What the Hex is Going on in Canberra? 😀


CTFM now have a short entry on their blog (at entitled, Exciting Media Reports of Christian Prayer Offensive on Mount Ainslie in Canberra on 17th October 2009, listing links to newspaper articles and urging readers to…

“Stay tuned later today for a personal comprehensive report from Pastor Daniel of the great and mighty things the Spirit of the Lord accomplished when several hundred prayer warriors from across the body of Christ in Australia united to ‘Take the High Places for Jesus’!!!”

Hmmm… should be an interesting read! …especially as those who went to Mt Ainslie to show a united front against the bigotry promoted by CTFM feel that they successfully stopped CTFM from taking that particular high place for Jesus.


Pastor Danny has now posted his version of the events in Spiritual Warfare Prayer Mission A Great Success On Mount Ainslie In Canberra, Australia / By Pastor Daniel …he too is claiming a victory. In the end it really doesn’t matter – sadly, nothing has changed – the bigotry remains. If only people could focus on and appreciate the similarities between themselves and others, instead of  judging (or misjudging) and fighting about the perceived differences. I leave you with a quote from the good pastor’s latest literary offering…

“We then did a Jericho march around the mountain and sprinkled heaps of salt on the ground as we all know that salt purifies.”

…sounds like a bit of witchcraft to me! 😉


4 thoughts on “Today’s the Day…

  1. I recently escaped a church like this, I say escaped because it is like a cult. As an aspie, they totally messed with my head and I was in a state of confusion all the time. It was like I submitted to the “bully spirit” all over again that was from my childhood.

    They believed that the enemy of our souls had my son’s mouth bound and that is why he couldn’t speak. If only I had more faith or fought against the demonic forces then my child would not be suffering from any signs of autism. Any form of autism is from the devil and all who have it must be delivered. I guess I am still possessed and so is my son. Oh, well. 🙂 Ironically when we left the church he started talking, with in weeks. Hm…

    I have since regained my sanity and can say with experience this line of Christianity is quite full of haters and ignorance, all in the name of a loving God. It does not make sense, I cannot put my mind around it. I have spent countless hours trying to find reasoning in their theology and I can’t. My husband actually helped me to see a lot of the craziness and helped me to be able to just come to the point of saying they are inconsistent and they are wrong.

    I still get obsessed though and do a ton of research on these kind of people, my brain just wants an answer as to why they are like this and why do people follow them. How do they reconcile what they are saying and doing with the message of Jesus? I know I will probably never understand but my brain will not grasp that.

    It is just really sad and detrimental to everyone, especially if people really believe them. I am glad other people didn’t take them too seriously.


  2. Hi Angel,

    I’m so glad you escaped. I’ve read some of your earlier blog posts about it and I can certainly share your confusion about how and why people feel they have the right to act that way. That sort of behaviour is so contradictory to their supposed beliefs yet they can’t see how illogical that is. I don’t get it either. I sometimes have issues with my mother’s beliefs — she’s a Jehovah’s Witness — but generally try not to discuss these things with her anymore as it only leads to arguments and bad feelings. She’s convinced she’s right and her “path” is the only true Christian one and everyone else is wrong. As for my Pagan beliefs — well, no amount of calm discussion can convince her that it’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with Satan. The sad thing is she’s genuinely worried about me and she still lives in hope of being able to ‘save’ my children, if not me also, and that causes her a lot of emotional pain. She’s been so sucked in by the gradual brainwashing of the JW cult that she can’t see how much pain it has caused her and her family, or how selfish she’s become as a result of it. She just can’t see that other people’s spiritual beliefs can be just as valid to them as her beliefs are to her. It’s the same with the Catch the Fire Ministries or any other such group that claim to be the one and only right way. …both sad and scary really.


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