F***ing Spam!!

I am really getting tired of the amount of spam comments that have been directed to my blog lately. Fortunately WordPress  uses a wonderful plug-in called Akismet to filter the spam and hold it for me to check and delete, so at least the crap doesn’t get published on my blog for all to read. As of this very moment Akismet has protected my site from 1,014 spam comments. Of course this leads to the question of WHY???? Why do spammers continue to send their crapulent little messages about erectile dysfunction, penis enlargement and various “pleasure enhancing” pharmaceuticals to blogs and email accounts all around the world when so much time, effort and money has been invested in stopping these sorts of messages? Is the effort of setting up spam bots and sending this crap really worth it for what must be a minuscule amount of money made from the one moron in a million who might actually click on a link and buy something? I guess some people get a sick sense of satisfaction out of annoying others. Could there really be enough flaccid fools out there who do buy this stuff online, risking their health and possibly even their lives by self-medicating, buying goods that aren’t even guaranteed to have the desired effect or even contain the ingredients they’re supposed to? How would you really know what’s in a packet of pills you buy online from a less than reputable supplier? Oh well, hopefully “natural selection” will eventually play its part to eradicate “stupid” from the gene pool. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to put up with the irritation and frustration caused by the copious streams of spammy effluent flowing into our various blogs and email accounts every day. 😦


5 thoughts on “F***ing Spam!!

  1. It is really sad isn’t it… some of it though is sent via viruses which is a real worry.

    the other frustrating thing is how much green house gases it generates. i can’t remember the figure but i remember being scared by it!


  2. Hi Jenwytch

    I quite agree. In fact I posted a similar complaint on my blog at Timberwolf HQ. I use Akismet as well and since posting my article/complaint, have had a downturn in the spam comments. Hope you have the same thing happen.


    P.S. Love your blog.


  3. Thanks Timberwolf 😀

    Funny you should mention the downturn in the number of spam comments because that’s exactly what’s happened! I did also change the url of the page that kept getting the most comments so that’s probably played a very big part in it too. 😉


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