Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes, sung by Thanh Bui is an attempt to help people get a handle on what it’s like to live with an autism spectrum disorder. Music by Fiona Johnson. Words by Valerie Foley. Inspiration from the lives of those close to us who live with an ASD. It will be available for download on iTunes soon. All proceeds to Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

I often get annoyed at “autism awareness” campaigns when they promote or encourage comparisons of autism with being trapped or kidnapped, as if autism is some evil and totally separate entity which needs to be eradicated in order to make the affected person “acceptable” or “normal”.  There is also the implication that being different is bad, unacceptable and just plain wrong. These types of campaigns ignore the fact that autism is an integral part of the whole person and that it is often responsible for their gifts and talents, as well as their difficulties and perceived shortcomings. Personally I find such campaigns to be very negative and quite offensive.

But this beautiful and very moving song (I get all emotional just listening to it — thinking of my own personal experiences and those of my kids) is different in that it encourages people to accept those with autism as people who experience the world in a different way. It’s about acceptance and understanding rather than cure and eradication.

Funny thing is I first became aware of this Australian video clip via a fellow blogger in the US. Thanks Lori! 😀


One thought on “Through My Eyes

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Jen – I hadn’t heard about it.

    I totally agree with your post too, autism is an integral part of the whole person and as such should be accepted and understood.


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