I’m a star! …Siriusly!

While chatting on the phone earlier I suddenly remembered that a few years ago (July 2005 actually) I found a free star naming service on Astrology.com and named a star after myself, LOL. I called my obscure little star “Doggie”, which was the nickname I had as a kid, given to me because I liked dogs so much. In true Aspie style I was obsessed with them. I collected hundreds of pictures of dogs which I glued into a huge album/folder (all neatly categorised according to dog breed and type etc); I collected cute little dog figurines and I also acquired a very large collection of books about dogs – all technical, factual books about dog breeds, behaviour, care and feeding etc. I also read quite a few fictional stories about dogs, eg. Jack London’s “Call Of the Wild”, and many other titles which I can’t remember anymore.

So, I thought it was rather apt to choose a star in the constellation of Canis Major, otherwise known as Sirius or The Dog Star. The link to my star information still works, but just in case the page is ever lost, I thought I’d show it here as well, LOL…  😀


Of course it’s all just for a bit of fun. Astronomers will only ever refer to my star by its IAU (International Astronomical Union) number (assuming it’s a real star and does really have a number) and never as “Doggie” and for all I know other companies that sell star naming opportunities might already have sold “my” star to someone else. Who knows how many names it has by now? But that doesn’t matter …it’s special …to me. 🙂


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