27 comments on “Autism, Psychic Abilities, the Paranormal and Paganism …is there a connection?

  1. There’s a couple of comments about this on my Facebook page so I thought I’d copy them here so they don’t get lost…

    Dragonfly-Louise O’Brien at 13:01 on 20 April
    I really like this article….. with all the people I know with Asperger’s and other ASD it is an interesting theoretical position. However could it just be that in Paganism and other Alternative Spiritual Paths “weirdness” is just accepted as part of the path? Then again I know lots of people like myself who embrace their weirdness without an ASD ;-)

    Caroline Fielden at 13:20 on 20 April
    Thank you Jenny, that is really interesting material… it has added lots of material to my ‘future things to look at more closely’ list…..

    Jenwytch at 14:27 on 20 April
    Thanks ladies …glad you like it. :-)


  2. I enjoyed your article. I found it while searching for other Pagans in Recovery links.

    I am self-diagnosed as AS. I have many of the characteristics associated with it. As part of my Recovery from addiction and alcoholism, I have had to come to terms with, and learn to function inside of society in spite of, feeling like an alien. Many of the Pagans I have made contact with through http://pagansinrecovery.com self medicate with drugs, alcohol, food or other addictions find that they also have deeper issues. AS to name one.

    Following the 12 Step programs both in the mainstream and as a Pagan has helped me to come to terms with my differences from other people. Yes, I am an odd personality, I have difficulty maintaining relationships or making friends. However, the Steps in the Program have helped me to move past the depression often associated with feeling as if I am an outsider. I still have AS (or something so similar it doesn’t matter) but I no longer have to self medicate to alleviate the emotional pain often associated with it.


  3. Hi Lyon, and thanks for your comment. I’m glad you’ve been able to move past your depression. Some time ago, I raised the question on a pagan forum (no longer in existence), about Pagans and depression. It was something that interested me at the time, due to my own feelings of depression (which I was trying to self medicate at the time with St John’s Wort and vitamin supplements) plus my observations of certain behaviours and attitudes I had noticed in a few other people in that group. What surprised me was the much greater number of people who were genuinely pleased that I had raised the topic as it gave them an opportunity to discuss something they wanted to share but were too scared or shy to be the first to talk about.

    Perhaps AS within paganism is a similar issue, in that there are a lot of us drawn to pagansim, for whatever reasons, but we each feel so very alone. It’s difficult trying ‘fit in’ sometimes, and hard to accept the criticism from others that sometimes comes our way, for things we really were clueless about. Its a shame more people can’t learn to accept diversity …both in themselves and in others. We who are ‘different’ have the right to be proud of ourselves – who we are and what we’ve achieved – just as much as anybody else, although sometimes we lack the self confidence to be more assertive about who we really are, and that (among many other factors) can certainly lead to depression which in turn would lead to different ways of trying to deal with those feelings.

    I’m interested to see the Pagan version of the 12-steps, but I couldn’t find them on your forum – only peoples’ discussions and personal experiences of some of them – could you point me in the right direction please? :-)


  4. Autistic children seem to me, less easily corrupted by society and seem more pure, like animals- I mean this in the most honorable way. I feel this allows them to have the extra psychic capacity that other ‘normal’ children or adults would have if so much of them wasn’t caught up in how they’re ‘meant’ to be or ‘should’ appear to others.


  5. i grew up with preminitions, feelings and seeing of people around. it continues to this day. my daughter was diagnosed with asperger’s very young. as she grew she experienced the same paranormal experiences. i understood how she felt and provided much needed comfort to her throughout the years. i did not have any explanations for her until now. after much research and learning, i have also accepted that i have asperger’s. we continue to grow and learn and most important we giggle together from our souls as we live our lives. i hope others will realize the same.


  6. Thank You for the best information I have had access to on Autism. I never treated the Autistic but I did work with their care givers…..I am a psychologist/retired now.
    Doing group work re/ metaphysics…How I wish I had this info earlier….IT IS SO RIGHT ON!….God Bless you!
    Are you aware of the “Heavy Blankets” people are making and using in CA.? It is working, “somewhat”, even with the “worst” patients. People move to CA with Autistic children because the care offered there is superior to any other state.
    A relative of mine is making these blankets. I could get you more information on them if you like.
    A.Morris PhD


  7. Wow, I’m blown away!!!!!
    I have suspected for a few years that I might have aspergers and/or attachment disorder, I have nieces and nephews who have been diagnosed aspies. I have always been the one who does not fit in, and when people get to know me they often comment how inteligent I am, although I have trouble with some basic things. I’m severe add and dyslexic, and had a hard time in school, I was even thought of as being dumb until I got into univercity and then realized I was smarter than most of the people who were in the same bsc courses as me! I have always had a very strong conection with animals and comunicate with them, and can tell when an animal is hurt or not well even if they look and act fine, sometimes I even feel it in my body! I always wanted to be a vet till I decided in my teens that it would be too hard for me emotionally. I also have always had physic abilities and exsperiances since I can remember, I have theese feelings of knowing that are so strong some times I feel it in every ounce of my being. So many times I have said to my daughter that something is off with a person and although I’m not able to say exactly what it is it is never wrong, so much so that now when I tell my daughter that I feel that there is something off or wrong with someone she respects it cause she knows I’m never wrong! Just recently I discovered I can look into someones eyes and tell them key things about who they are and the challenges they were sent here to overcome, without knowing them or having met or talked to them before, its a great party trick and blows people away as I seem to be spot on!

    The last few years have been really hard for me as I’m starting to prefer to just be alone, there are so few people out there that I find get me/understand me. Most people I meet are so entangled in the petty drama of thier lives and judge themselves and others by what they have and what they do that they miss the point of being here? Even though I prefer to be alone now, I find it conflicting because I feel we are sent here to grow spritually and to love one anouther. And although when I’m out in public I try to send this love I feel out to every person I meet, I feel verry alone and isolated and I’m confussed by this as I think we are here to share this love, not be alone and isolated?

    Does any one know of any websights and/or goups that may help me get more clarity and understanding why I feel so isolated and alone and if there is anything I can do to alieviate the pain it causes or better yet to find like minds I can connect with? Although I do self medicate and take medication due to some chronic pain conditions I have, I’am monitered by a great Dr’s care who is also a spiritual mentor for me so I do not need a program for addictions, (that has never been an issue for me, nor will it ever be, sorry but I just know)


  8. Jenwytch, thank you for this! I now have a much better understanding of those with Aspie and indeed Autism. I have long wondered about the connection that Aspie’s have with animals and their keen ability to ‘talk’ with them and even calm them. I’ve wittnessed this first hand and now I will certainly pay more attention to such activities.

    I especially took note of your last paragraph – from now on I too will give empathy and genuin concern when I next see a child ‘out of control!’

    Warm regards,


    • i am telepathic and use it like another sense….i use with animals and humans …..my boy is strong telepath and sees auras and also has budding telekinetic abilities. my daughter can see auras and is mildly telepathic. when i really want to make some thought clear to an animal , i will have my boy act as a telepathic interpreter. gentleness and kindness to all living things is how we live our lives.
      funny thing , i have been reading about heathenism as it applies to odinism in modern life and in ancient norse life. norse culture is one of my interests.
      true that lots of aspies are not real religious but are very spiritual folks.
      the heathen home devotional reveals quite an amazing perspective on the world.

      makes one wonder…. :)


  9. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has commented here. Your kind words and positive feedback are most encouraging and I’m glad that my article has been of help to so many of you.

    @Anita ~ thanks for commenting, I’m glad the information I’ve supplied has been helpful to you. And yes, I have heard of weighted blankets and also weighted vests for daytime wear. It’s good to know that, thanks to people like your relative, they are becoming more easily available to those who need them.

    @darklippy ~ I’m glad you have been able to develop your psychic abilities rather than ignoring them. Perhaps you could explore websites about psychic development and alternative spirituality and through such searches I’m sure you’d eventually find at least an online group where you could connect with like minds. You might also find support by joining an online Autism/Aspergers support group …there are many of those to choose from …just do a Google search. That in turn could lead to finding a group that meets in your local area for ‘face to face’ meetings if that suited you. Here in Australia I’m a member of and website manager for a group called Spheres Of Light, and we have a lot of information and articles about psychic/paranormal/spiritual topics on our website, collected from various sources, which might interest you. We also have a section called the “SOL Holistic Centre” with guided meditations and music to meditate and relax to in our online “Healing Room” which many people find extremely helpful, so feel free to take a look to see if it interests you at all (all downloads are free by the way, and no need to sign up to anything).

    @cerp ~ thank you so much for your comments, and I am especially heartened by your desire to give empathy and genuine concern when you next see a child ‘out of control’ …it’s nice to know that at least one person, and hopefully more, can look at such situations in a different light because of my article. :-)


  10. I am really lost for words when I read darklippy’s articles because I have so much in common in what I have been going through for over 11 yrs now . I dont like to talk about things I have seen in my childhood days with 2 other family members as witnesses with me ! Also 5 yrs ago another experience with the exact same thing pluss had a friend as a witness this time .Seeing things before they happen has been more frequent . Even happen the next day or a jus in a couple hrs .sometimes right away ! It really spooks me so much to wanna feel like solitude wonderin what is going on with me . Depression ,suicidal thoughts are a burried memory 5yrs ago .Since then I have had a positive life and call me crazy I owe it to Joyce Meyers ministries on t.v.Her words are so unique and understanding about the bible . She is a charactor like me in her facial expressions ,I love to make people laugh its joyous to me ! Enjoy everyday life .


    • Hi Tami,

      I certainly wouldn’t call you crazy and I’m glad you found Joyce Meyer Ministries to help you find happiness and inner peace. Your childhood experiences sound quite disturbing so I’m glad you’ve been able to get past that now. We all have different ways of dealing with things and the path you chose has obviously worked for you. :-)

      In regard to my own experiences, fortunately I’ve never had any premonitions or “visions” of anything truly disturbing. In fact I look upon this ability as a gift as in some cases it’s served as a warning to get out of potentially inconvenient or even dangerous situations in the traffic. Once I “saw” a white car ahead of me (a few kilometres away on a multi-laned highway and around a few bends in the road so definitely out of sight in the conventional sense) waiting to turn across the path of oncoming traffic and I trusted my intuition and changed lanes to avoid getting stuck behind it, even though I was nowhere near that particular section of the road yet. Sure enough, when I finally got there, there was a white car waiting to turn, with a queue of cars stuck behind it! Another time I “saw” a large truck beside me change lanes into my space, so again, I had the heads up to quickly get out of the way and this time avoid being crushed! “Visions” like that I would definitely call a gift. :-D

      Like darklippy, I wanted to feel less isolated and find people of like mind and my explorations eventually led me to Paganism, where I’ve found many other people like myself, including other Aspies who’ve been drawn to it for similar reasons, and that sense of “belonging” that I so desperately sought. For me it feels like “coming home”.


  11. I am compiling stories of people regarding psychic field and autism. I have a 16 year old boy with autism and epilepsy.
    Would love to have a brief story(or 2) from you that demonstrates the ‘connectedness’ of you and/your son(s).
    My intention is to get parents to realize this is not a ‘nice’ idea but actually something they could tap into and all would benefit.
    (Have not yet launched my website).
    Love your artwork!!


    • Hi Nancy …your website sounds like a great idea. I’ll try to put a couple of stories here when I get time. I’m currently snowed under with a lot of other stuff (which is why it took me a week to see and reply to your comment …sorry about that.) :-)


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  13. My spiritual counsellor was diagnosed autistic as a child . There is clearly a correlation between the condition and so-called psychic ability, and if one feels alien, maybe one should consider that indeed he or she is! The three dimensional reality is just that, and not the totality of our being nor our experiences.


  14. What great information. I remember so clearly having visions when I was a little girl, talking to my great grandmother and her telling me it was the devil that was inside of me. For years I have had premonitions, visions, etc…fortunately, 12 years ago I found a partner who is not freaked out about it and thus listens to me when I tell him what I am feeling, etc. My son is autistic and I know that he has a deep connection to animals. In addition, we noticed at the age of 5 that there were certain people he could not be around without going “crazy”…and others where he was as calm as could be. Against the wishes of family and many “professionals”, we decided to truly observe him, listen to him and help him with his struggles. He is now a very friendly boy, cordial, etc…but when he needs time to calm down, possibly too much negative energy, we respect his right to be calm alone in his room. Most people cannot believe he was ever diagnosed with autism because although he is “different”, he is not what they expect. I believe in part because we have taught him how to manage his stress, etc…I wish more parents would focus on their child and getting “in tune” with them instead of attempting to change them. They are truly amazing human beings.


    • Thanks for your comment. It’s nice to know there are other parents out there who believe in helping their children to shine rather than trying to force them to change and conform to “normal”. :)


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