My new CONTENTS page…

Even though there’s links to “Recent Posts”, “Categories” & “Archives” included in the menus to the right I figured there had to be an easier way to browse through my older blog entries. After all, I put a lot of effort into writing them so I don’t want them to be missed, LOL. 😛

I decided to create my own “Contents” page where the titles of all my blogs can be seen together, roughly divided into  different categories, making it much easier to sift through all the older entries. I didn’t bother including the “pages” as they are clearly listed in the menu already.

So if you’re interested in reading any of my earlier ramblings please check out the CONTENTS page, either from the link I just gave, or from the link in the menu at the right, just above “Recent Posts”. There’s also a tab at the very top of this blog, partly obscured by the search box. This of course annoys me greatly as my (Aspie) “anal retentive” need for perfection cannot be satisfied, LOL. The search box is part of the WordPress theme I’m using so I can’t remove it. 😦


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