argh! …this makes me sooooo angry!

Read the load of BS in the links below this paragraph and you might realise why it is so vitally important to separate religion and state, and also for everyone to make sure we all have our say and make submissions to  the Australian Human Rights Commission’s  Freedom of Religion & Belief  in the 21st Century …and this includes the right to freedom from religion as well.

Media Release – Abortion Laws To Blame For Bush Fires?
Pastor’s abortion dream inflames bushfire tragedy
Fire ‘divine retribution’, says minister

Apart from a long stream of obscenities, which I will not utter here (well, the word “wanker” is not too bad is it?) I am speechless! Some of the replies to the “Catch The Fire Ministries” media release are even scarier in their expressions of support for this man’s ideas!


2 thoughts on “argh! …this makes me sooooo angry!

  1. I hadn’t read comments in regards to the article for that very reason, is that there will be support, which is an appalling state of affairs for humanity.

    wanker is quite tame compared to what I said!

    I know there are now a few Facebook communities trying to have their say against this guy, but there are probably as many supporting it…

    In terms of being able to help these people, compassion is a good place to start ‘Pastor Danny’… you know compassion…

    actually given your statements you obviously need a dictionary to work it out…

    you must have missed that lesson in seminary school… pity, it might have meant you kept your mouth shut.


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