National Pagan Directory

I’m happy to announce that Spheres Of Light’s latest venture – the National Pagan Directory – now has its own spiffy looking subdomain, designed and built by moi of course (after a couple of days of hard slog at the computer!). 😀  It started out as just a section of the main SOL website but then I decided it would be better with its own unique design. Now all we need is for Aussie Pagans to send us any info they want added to it. Pagans can sometimes be such a secretive bunch that  its often difficult for newcomers to find others of like mind in their local area, hence the aim of this new directory.

So, if you  have a coven/group or run regular Pagan meet-ups and want to encourage others to contact you please send an email to We also invite Celebrants in the Pagan community to promote their services in the NPD as they too are often difficult to find.

We need to know as much of the following as you are able to provide…

Location: (suburb/city and post code)
Name: (the name of the group or meet up)
Description: (a one or two sentence description of your group. Celebrants please include a list of the services you are willing to perform.)
Contact: (name of person to contact)
Website: (if you have one)


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