Lurking & Lessons Learnt…

daffy2Hmmm… just lurking on Facebook and other “spaces” & groups etc …avoiding housework as usual, LOL. I’ve been feeling a little frustrated lately over certain issues, and now realise that it really wasn’t worth my time and effort.

Maybe I’m just too naive, giving people second and third chances and the benefit of the doubt. Oh well, doesn’t really matter – nothing overly important.

I suppose not everybody can let go of all the negativity around them, or put down their sword and walk away from all battles …even if they said they would. One silly, vengeful  video on YouTube made me realise that. I later saw my own thoughts echoed in someone else’s writings on the issue (well, even if it wasn’t exactly the same issue it was about something similar).

No skin off this little black duck’s nose, (or should that be beak?) LOL 😀


4 thoughts on “Lurking & Lessons Learnt…

  1. I guess it really boils down to annoyance at myself for thinking I could make a difference and then realising I didn’t have any effect. I spent a couple of days exchanging private emails with someone who had sent a rather inflammatory email to a number of people, including me, “ranting” about a total lack of pagan community and making some rather libelous and unfounded allegations and assumptions. Because I saw Asperger’s Syndrome as being part of the problem (see my previous post on cross-communication) I thought I would reply to his email and politely voice my objections to some of what he wrote and explain why. No problems there, our communications remained quite friendly. After reading a more recent post from him on an e-list it seemed that he was going to embrace a more positive attitude and leave all negativity behind, yada yada… “Excellent!”, I thought, as did another person who replied on the e-list. But after another mass mailout to his email contacts very shortly afterward I realised nothing’s really changed – except that his latest gripe appears to have nothing to do with paganism. Maybe my own mild Asperger’s Syndrome is clouding my judgement or skewing my perception of things …I dunno. Like I said, it doesn’t really matter. I’m not really angry at him or anyone else, just at myself for daring to stick my beak in where maybe I shouldn’t have. I’ll just slink back under my rock now, LOL. 😀


  2. I think from the sound of it, you sticking your beak in isn’t the issue here (and good on for you doing it! sometimes it does make a difference!). I think what is going on here, is that this guy likes to make noise and it doesn’t really matter what the issue is, he finds something to make noise about… it is his thing and obviously he finds/gains something from it.

    That is something you never can change…

    One person can make a difference…. it only takes a snowflake to start an avalanche. It just needs to be the right snowflake in the right spot…

    *hugs* it comes down to learning to pick your battles… I know it took me a long time to learn that and being badly burnt a couple of times…


  3. Thanks, *hugs* to you too. 🙂

    It certainly is his thing to make noise, but the way he does it usually only antagonizes others and gets him ostracized even more. Oh well, his problem, not mine.

    I like the snowflake analogy, although sometimes I just feel plain flaky, LOL. 😀


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