Composing Music by Telepathy?

Every so often I come across a little bit more information hinting at a connection between Autism Spectrum “Disorders” and psychic ability. A friend posted this on a forum recently about her 10 year old daughter “A” with ASD.

Yesterday “A” did the darnedest thing. She is having piano lessons and is just a beginner (after 2 years playing violin, she lost her confidence and gave it away). So, the teacher asks her to play the simple piece she gave her as homework. (Very basic with a backing CD). “A” played it, made no mistakes then said, “I have added an extra bit, can I play it?” The teacher said yes, and then her jaw dropped. It fit the rest of the backing CD perfectly. But what was even more amazing was that the teacher said, “I wrote this piece myself and “A” just played the bit I originally added, but took out because I thought it was too long for beginners. How did she know that? I am blown away!”

I suppose “A” could have picked up telepathically on the teacher’s thoughts re the music, or perhaps the structure of the music in the backing CD hinted at a “most likely” accompaniment. Either way, its pretty amazing!

2 thoughts on “Composing Music by Telepathy?

  1. Seems perfectly probable, people with aspergers seem to have extra ability in parts of the brain than other people, but less in social norms, such as making friends. This is not exactly a bad thing, musical talent can give you a very good career. The telepathy side though, is what I myself struggle to understand. I’ve been diagnosed with aspergers, autism and depression, but I regularly have some form of experience with telepathy. One time whilst talking to my best friend Alison in a restaurant, she told me about her new boyfriend, Matt, who lives about 300 miles north of us. Even though I’d never met him, been anywhere near him or even spoken to him , I suddenly felt a rush of what felt like a chemical surging through my body. I became bleary eyed, and in my head I conjured a picture of a small room. The tv was displaying green but was too blurred to see what was on it. I saw a computer on the left, and a muscular man with glasses sitting on a reclining chair. I told Ally this. Shocked, she called Matt’s mobile. Putting him on loudspeaker, I told him he was dressed in black, where items were in his room, and asked what the green tv picture was. After a long pause, he told me he was watching a football game, and that he had his glasses on so he could see his pc screen better. I have had other experiences like this, but doctors seem to think I’m making it up. I know most people will say it was just a bit of luck or it was a coincidence what that girl did, do not believe them.


  2. Thanks for replying Gary! I firmly believe that these things are not merely coincidence as I’ve experienced a few similar incidents myself. Your experience that you describe (and the few that I’ve had) are very similar to Remote Viewing. The only difference is that it seems to happen to us by accident whereas RV is supposedly something people can be trained to do at will.

    One afternoon as I was removing my carnelian crystal chip bracelet from my wrist to put it in my jewelery box I suddenly felt strangely vague or dreamy. As I was looking at my hand while removing the bracelet it suddenly no longer looked like my own hand but that of a friend of mine (whose hand/wrist is broader than mine), to whom I had recently given an identical bracelet. As she took off the bracelet I saw hers breaking and the small crystal chips flying all over the floor. My own bracelet was still intact and I put it away. It was very odd seeing her arm and bracelet sort of superimposed over mine. I checked what time it was, then the next day when I spoke to her I found out that her bracelet had broken as she was taking it off at the same time as I was “seeing” her do it. Very odd indeed!

    Just because something is not “scientific” doesn’t mean its not real. ๐Ÿ˜€


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