Woohoo! …a new url!

My blog’s url is now theotherside.wordpress.com …yay! (((does happy dance around the room))) Yes, I know I’m being a pedantic pain the butt for moving my blog again but this is the url I really wanted but couldn’t have because it was already taken. I also tried for “otherside.wordpress.com” but that was taken too. Plus I thought about registering another domain name through WordPress but “theotherside.com” was also in use (by a website that sells posters) …sooooo …great annoyance and disappointment.  😦 But, upon visiting the original WP url I’d wanted I realised it was now a very dormant blog with absolutely nothing on it. So, in the hope that the comment box on the page might still connect to a real email address and a real person at the other end, I left a message. There was a real person there and he very kindly transferred his unused blog to me. Woohoo! Thank you Alex! …’tis much appreciated! 😀


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