The Paranormal and The Autistic

Oh wow! …I’m on a roll here …so many fascinating essays by aspies who are into “weird stuff”, LOL.  I don’t want to infringe upon other authors’ copyright by simply reproducing their articles in full here, so I’ll just post snippets and links. All this stuff is sooooo interesting and reflects a lot of the ideas I’ve had, but didn’t know others had already thought of them too, LOL! I just wish I was as good at expressing myself as these people are – writing doesn’t come easily to me. Anyway, here’s another one…

The Paranormal and The Autistic

Autism and Non Consensus Reality

“If some of you have read my earlier posts, you know I am on the autistic spectrum as having Asperger’s Syndrome as well as having many lifelong strange psychic and paranormal phenomenon that I have accommodated as my shadow, while not relinquishing my own skepticism toward either the experiences themselves or their causation because as an autistic I digest the world by systematizing it. Lately, through correspondence with a autistic friend, Dr Coral Hull, with similar and yet distinct experiences, I have have begun to examine something that should have been apparent all along to someone who is not autistic…is there a link between my autism and these experiences? More importantly, is there a linkage between perception of alternate or non consensus realities and the characteristics of my state?” Read more at INTANGIBLE MATERIALITY


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