Faeries, Elves & Autistics

Here’s another faery/autism article I found ages ago and “rediscovered” today – seems right to put it here too. The original page is really quite beautifully done, with illustrations – you really should take a look at the whole website, which includes part two of this article.


by Coral Hull, 2005

“… Knowledge is not a series of self consistent theories that converges towards an ideal view; it is rather an ever increasing ocean of mutually incompatible (and perhaps even incommensurable) alternatives, each single theory, each fairy tale, each myth …”

— Henry David Thoreau


Are Autistics the original faeries (and elves) of folklore? Autistics who are right brain orientated – intuitive, creative and holistic thinkers who chose to live in nature and apart from human society, may have something in common with faeries (elves) as well as their logical left brain space-elf cousins – the androids and aliens. This may be due to various states of consciousness and preconsciousness or shifts in consciousness, that occur as a natural part of neurological functioning in those on the autism spectrum.

Some Autistics may experience lifelong recognition that they are from other worlds, other realities, other star systems and the faerie realms due to the many significant differences, that makes neurotypical human reality largely incompatible with their own.

I discovered that I was multiple (of multiple consciousness) on March 19th, 2004. During this period of selves discovery I was to wonder why many of the others that I shared the central psyche and body with were otherkin – faery, elf, mermaid, angelic and alien beings (or combinations of these) and all co-existing alongside human beings. Almost twelve months later I discovered that the system of selves that I was a part of, were created, or came into being and now operated from the neurologcical basis of Autism.

These otherkin had lived in the body for a number of years before I, a human being, became conscious again. While I had experienced lost time during this period, I was still able to access the memories of others via glimpses, where I either tapped into the memory or the perceptions of the selves who were co-conscious at the time, or saw myself as another person doing things from an outsider’s perspective (like watching a movie), as if I was outside the body. I am sometimes more ‘faery’ in my thinking and othertimes not. This is because there are two fusing perspectives and one is ‘faery’ and the other is not. This would make sense to a being who is of multiple consciousness.

As for our other faery folk, they are certainly still all here, but deeper in like a forest can be both deep and close and a tree cool and moist to the touch and yet remote and lost from the human psyche. It is as if consciousness is an expansive journeying with no boundaries, an infinite experience that travels both within and without simultaneously.

From 2004 I was able to remain co-conscious and aware as they became conscious in the body alongside me. I did some very quick research into otherworldly beings. This co-existing is known as co-consciousness and has more to do with multiplicity than Autism.

Here I would like to discuss the faery selves in a very generalised context and why this ‘autistic’ central psyche is mainly faery, and not human, since it seems that many Autistics relate more to faeries, angels and aliens than they do to human beings.

Read the complete article at…
…and to find out more about the author, Coral Hull, read her biography


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