Autism and Psychic Ability

I found a link to a very interesting site with articles by Mary Ann Harrington, a former teacher of children with autism…

This page has links to 28 different essays written by her. Here’s a small sample…

Anomalies of Autismโ€“Questions for Scientists and Researchers Interested in Consciousness

“My work with individuals with severe autism has expanded my awareness and broadened my conception of reality. Their uncanny ability to repeat messages I have sent to them telepathically and-or sub-vocally in itself is amazing. I believe that is just the beginning of their consciousness raising abilities. Please check out my other articles for further information on phenomena both scientific and spiritual. If you are a quantum physicist or a scientist open to the spiritual component to these anomalies, and holds a respect for the currently unexplainable, please send me your contact information. Video viewing can be made available for interested researchers.”

…and a few more of the titles…

Gerry-A Boy With Autism Who Surprised Staffers With His Unsolicited Messages

Autism Consciousness, Perceptions, and Spiritual Attunement

Enhanced ESP, Telepathy, and Mysticism in People with Autism

…definitely worth a good LOOOOOONG look!

I continued Googling and came across this interesting blog called…

Dead Conversations

“Spirits LOVE autistic children, as they are the most open beings to spiritual energy, as they more than half live in the spiritual world. But I want to give autistic kids their own post, as every single one I have met has had such an amazing spiritual energy – it’s palpable and warm, and a little overwhelming.”

8 thoughts on “Autism and Psychic Ability

  1. I find this correlation fascinating and as a special educator that has worked with kids with Autism, I know they have abilities “typical” people do not have. I have often been able to send messages without ever even saying a word. I’m thinking the next book I read will be Autism and the God Connection.


    1. im aspie and i am telepathic and use it just like another sense. I have to watch my thoughts when i am near another person or a patient, or they will pick up my thoughts. My son is telepathic and telekinetic. he is aspie as well. I am telekinetic ( but not in a helpful way , my telekinetic energy just trashes computers if i am exposed to them too long and too close(gone thru at least 15 computers in my life), and ruined a few at work. cant wear a watch or it will quit working and street lights turn off when i am very very happy/ecited about something.

      All animals are telepathic and i wonder if that is why we asd folks love animals so much. In med school , my telepathy came in handy when a surgeon would grill me with rapid -fire medical history questions.from the 1700s…..i would give instant responses…. my freind Randy, was standing beside me and afterwards called me ‘Damien ‘ and said it really creeped him out…. All the surgeon said was “youre good!” and looked uncomfortable.

      When my son was in 3rd grade he came home w/ a bunch of candy from school. He won it by getting the closest to the number of gumballs in a large jar .. I asked how close he was , and said I picked the excact number.. I said thats a pretty good guess, my son said , actually it was easy. I just read my teachers mind when he walked past my desk and asked me to guess. I said what did the teacher do? , my son said “, he just had a very suprised look on his face and said sterling, you are right.

      we are out there folks , and we live very normal /mildly eccentric lives and we tell nobody outside the aspie/asd family of our abilities, lest we face NT judgements.

      “with greater abilities comes greater responsibility”


      1. oops forgot one thing —my son sees auras around every livng thing, including trees, My dtr( very mild aspie,) see orbs in her room and can see auras as well . My dtr and my son used to play silent , telepathic games when they were little by lining up different markers and one would tell a color to the other telepathically and the other would silently point to one of the markers. My wife is very accepting of our abilites and we are all very spiritual folks. there are other more unusual gifts we have but some folks have hard time believing those so they stay in the family only.


        1. I love hearing about experiences like this! ๐Ÿ˜€ Just wondering if you’ve seen my more recent article in which I used the info from this post and a couple of my other early posts to explore the topic little more… Autism, Paganism, Psychic Ability & the Paranormal ~ Updated In the last section of my newer article I outline the sorts of paranormal experiences I and my children have had. I’m curious to know whether any of your more “unusual gifts”, as you call them, might involve seeing or otherwise sensing spirits/ghosts?


    2. My child ” Z” now age 15 has autism he had never met my now mother in law, never talked to hear or had any knowledge of her recent loss of her husband, had never been to her house or knew her deceased husband. We stepped into her home and ” Z” blurts out ” Your husband bunky died recently and is still here and he loves you” this shocked my husband, my mom in law and I. This was not the first time he has done something like this. He was sleeping one morning, I had made plans to take the kids camping, I had walked into the living room and he wakes up and says yes , I would love to go camping mom” I had not even brought this up to my childrens dad yet. He also see’s things from the past and future.


  2. My daughter just turned 3. I am 4 months pregnant with my second. My daughter has not been diagnosed yet, but shows many signs of autism. She doesn’t have much of a vocabulary. She first started saying “boy” early in my pregnancy. Then a month or two ago and all the way up to now she has been saying, “it’s a boy.” Over and over. We just had the ultra sound 3/8/12 and it is a boy. How could a 3 year old Know that?


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