Aspie Quiz

I found this test which can be used to determine if you have autistic/aspie traits (of course it doesn’t replace a formal diagnosis but it could help). It’s much more comprehensive than others I’ve seen, and it creates a detailed 16 page pdf file of your results which you can download and save if you want to (the results your test generates only stay available online for one hour).

The goal of this test is to give a reliable indication of autism spectrum traits in adults.

You can choose to participate in our long-time evaluation of score-changes over time and help us to calibrate the test (you need to login with a valid userid or register a new userid to do this) or go directly to the simplified test.

Statistics/results are saved in a database. The statistics might be published, used as research-data or checked in order to calibrate the test. We do not save IP addresses or other personal information.

Participate in our long-time evaluation and help us improve the test.

Here’s the very brief summary of my results:

Your Aspie score: 135 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 84 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie

…no surprises there …hehe

Go to  ASPIE-QUIZ if you want to find out your results.


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