I wrote this poem for a friend who is bi-polar and was ‘coming back’ after issues with depression, relationship problems and a lot of other ‘stuff’ in her life at that time.


(for Meg)

Welcome back to the light,
beyond the sweet kiss of rebirth and renewal.
No longer a child of the darkness
trapped in turmoil and torment.
She sheds the sticky webs of the dark abyss,
breaks free, and bursts forth into the light.
Love’s sweet memories, tainted, spoiled,
cannot hold her back.
Remember, cherish, then move forward
with joy for what the future holds.
Triumphant over darkness, transcendent.
Like the Phoenix, she arises from the ashes
stronger, to fly and soar again
on the winds of hope and trust.


Copyright © 2004-2012 Jenwytch


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