Life is Too Busy

To Robyn,
A Belated Birthday Greeting…

Life is too busy.
The brain’s in a tizzy.
It’s not that I really forgot.
It’s the visit from Birdie
(all day ‘til five thirty)
meant your card got posted…NOT!

Yes, Birdie did come
to put food in her tum
and to have a friendly natter.
With Helen she came,
though it wasn’t the same
without Evan and John…they matter.

A disease struck them down
so they stayed out of town
to avoid spreading germs to us.
Helen had fun
in the pool and the sun
with the boys, they all kicked up a fuss.

We talked all day,
while the kids did play,
and drank wine with our seafood lunch.
It was very relaxing
and not very taxing
to sit and continue to munch.

Later John did phone
from Birdie’s mum’s home
about Evan – his fever was high.
So that was the sign
to stop drinking the wine.
The time to go home was nigh.

They reluctantly went,
when the day was near spent
and returned to their ailing men.
I completely neglected
and never detected
your card was not posted, again!

So that is my reason,
this holiday season
for your lack of birthday greetings.
When my kids go to school
life will be cool
and we can have more of our meetings.

Happy (Belated) Birthday!

(Poem written 18/02/2004)
Copyright © 2004-2012 Jenwytch


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