Invitation Thank You

This was a thank you I wrote for an invitation to my cousin’s wedding, which we were unable to attend…

Thank you for your invitation to Jane and David’s day.
How sad the plight of an engineer – means Peter will be away.
He’ll have just arrived home from time in Europe, but has to leave again
to go to China to do more work, and naturally you’ll guess when…
So regretfully we have to say we cannot smile and cheer
at Allegro on their wedding day, which is drawing very near.

We thought we’d send a little gift to help them on their way
And ease their disappointment over our absence on their day.
We know our sparkling wit and charm will most certainly be missed.
You’ve shown exceptional good taste by including us on the list
of esteemed friends and family and people of good grace.
It’s just a shame we cannot be there to tell you face to face.

Now, about this gift – we wrote a cheque but weren’t sure who to pay,
nor whether they’d have a joint account before their wedding day.
So we made it out to Jane alone, to share with her good spouse,
and they can buy some sort of thingy, to decorate their house.
We wish them love and happiness together in their new life,
and we’re sorry we cannot be there to see Jane become David’s wife.

(Poem written 16/01/2006)
Copyright © 2006-2012 Jenwytch


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