A 70th Birthday Poem

This poem was written by my husband and I for his mother’s 70th birthday. He read it out at her birthday party and it was very well received. 🙂

Margaret’s 70th (1st July 1999)

To Margaret/Mum/Gran,

We’ve written birthday poems before
so there’s a standard to uphold.
But we’ve never had such a daunting chore
as to write about some one so old.

Perhaps we should rephrase that line.
It sounds awfully disrespectful.
But then, at your age, we think you’ll find
it won’t matter as you’re so forgetful.

Of insults mean and nasty
there are many more we could say.
But rather than risk disinheritance
we’ll instead consider this day.

On this day in history
there’s been many a great event.
Like the announcement of apes in your family tree
a theory Charles Darwin did present.

The first atomic tests were done;
this was a terrible event.
But no, there was still worse to come
the first TV advertisement!

And Olivia de Haviland
was born on this day too.
In “Gone With The Wind” she acted,
written by Margaret Mitchell – like you!

Another big star is seventy today
and you maybe his greatest fan.
Is it Connery, Newman or Redford you say?
No, it’s Popeye the Sailor Man!

We must point out Sean Connery
had his seventieth a week ago.
We think it is rather amusing that
Double ‘O’ Seven is now Seven’O’.

John Farnham shares your big day too
but at twenty years younger he’s a baby.
You are more likely much closer in age
to Sadie the Cleaning Lady!

You’ve an interest in the history of Royalty,
of late Kings and Queens and their tales.
But your birthday has modern affinity
with Diana, Princess of Wales.

Of the anniversaries you share on your day
the most notable one, we agree,
is that after the first of July next year
you’ll share it with the GST!


(Poem written 30/06/1999)
Copyright © 1999-2012 Jenwytch


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