A 35th Birthday Poem

To Robyn…

I thought to write a birthday rhyme
to send my very best wishes,
for shopping I had not the time
and it sure beats doing the dishes.

To take three kids out on the street
to find the perfect card
was more than my poor wits could meet,
and writing’s not so hard.

So with two asleep and one to “help”
I set my pen to paper,
then wondered why I ever tried
to set out on this caper.

With my eldest son suggesting words
which had no rhyme or reason
I struggled through to give to you
this poem for the season……

“Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Robyn,
Happy Birthday to you.”

Although somehow it’s got confused
and some of the rhyme is wrong,
be thankful that it arrived by mail
and wasn’t put to song.

As for turning thirty-five
and being “over the hill”,
at least you have old age to blame
when you’re sounding like a dill.

This poem has gone on far too long.
I should have made it shorter.
But then, ’tis a ll I have to give,
for a present I have not bought ya.

So please accept this humble ditty
as my birthday gift to you.
It’s a poor attempt at being witty,
but something I wanted to do.

(Poem written 16/01/1993)
Copyright © 1993-2012 Jenwytch


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